Our Process


The Coastal Technology Resources Assessment

You’ll find that we ask a lot of questions.


We work with you to define your technology goals and make sure they meet your business needs.


First, we start with our Technology Resources Assessment, a process that is customized for your individual business and goals. We learn about your business, understand what you do and how your processes work.


From there, we’ll assess your current technologies and systems, and provide expert guidance on how to make your technology more effective and your office more productive.


We go beyond most IT services companies, and evaluate not only your computer systems or network but also review areas such as work flow, automation, and office business processes.


Most Importantly.....


If you can meet your goals effectively with a pad and paper, we’re not going to change what’s already working for you.

We take the extra step to make sure the technology you’re using works in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Network Security, Managed IT Services and IT Support



Managed IT Services
Your technology is the backbone of your business and if it’s not performing optimally, you’re wasting time and money. We’ll help boost productivity while ensuring you get a better ROI on your IT investment.


Network Support Security
You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked when you’re going to buy groceries, so why would you do the same to your network and computer systems for your business? Our network security solutions keep you safe and sound 24/7 with our monitoring and protection software.


IT Consulting
Better technology can help grow your Jersey Shore business, but picking the RIGHT ones can be confusing and end up breaking the bank. We’ll help you make the right choices by combining business acumen and IT support expertise.


Backup & Disaster Recovery
By failing to implement a proper disaster recovery plan, you are jeopardizing your business. Our solutions ensure restoration of full corporate functionality if something were to happen.