We offer a range of technology, consulting and technology support services for business clients in a variety of fields and industries. We specialize in a number of software solutions for dental, optometry and other medical practitioners. We also support all standard office and business operations software.

Our consulting experts are accessible on an as needed basis, 24/7/365.

Our most requested services include:

  • Comprehensive IT troubleshooting, repair and support
  • IT Business Analysis and application selection
  • Software Training and Education (enterprise, business, industry-specific)
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Continuity including back-ups and disaster recovery
  • Managing Technology Risk
  • Security updates and patches
  • Network Design and Support

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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
How much money would you lose if your business was down for a day? A week? A month?

What would happen to your business in the event of a situation that results in a widespread disruption in your systems? This can be anything from a natural disaster or peril (such as fire, flooding or a storm with an extended loss of power), a system crash, software failure or a significant cyberattack. How would your business continue to operate in any of these scenarios? How quickly will your business be able to be up and running? Will your data be protected?

Every business from a one person, one computer office or larger needs to have a plan in place so that your business can resume operations as completely, quickly, and efficiently as possible.

Coastal Technology Resources will start with our complete evaluation of your systems and operations – including analysis of existing processes, systems, and back-ups — as well as the needs of your specific business. We will work with you to devise a plan that would go into effect when disaster recovery is a necessity.


Managing Technology Risk

Cyber Security

Cyberattacks seem to be a daily news headline – and no business is immune.  Malware, ransomware, phishing, hacking, internet security breaches and other forms of criminal cyberactivity threaten businesses regardless of size. A cyberattack or data breach can be devastating to a company’s business operations. It’s imperative for all businesses to have a plan in place to address these issues.

Prevention is the first line of defense for protecting your systems from any number of security breaches. Coastal Technology will evaluate your existing computer and network security procedures and protective measures and determine what methods and levels of security of both effective and warranted based on your business as well as industry standards and best practices. Effective and proactive cybersecurity plans can include a variety of protocols such as anti-virus protection, firewalls, accessibility limits, devise monitoring and other methods and tactics. Cyber security will typically work together with data security and business continuity planning, to ensure your systems, operations and data are protected.


Medical, Dental, and Optometry Office Specialty Services

The technology needs of medical and dental offices include specialized levels and requirements. Areas from systems integration, practice management software, to other business office software packages and technologies must be constantly and consistently managed, maintained and supported. Medical and dental office staff are often faced with solving many of these day-to-day technology challenges on their own. Coastal Technology Resources can partner with your medical office staff to resolve many of these technology and IT issues that can affect daily efficient operations of medical offices.

We offer specialty IT services for medical, dental, orthodontia and optometry practices. We provide full support and customized solutions for medical, dental and optometry practices for offices. We support many of the common, industry-standard specialty practice management software packages including: Dentrix, Dexis, Softdent , CaseStream,  and Office Mate.
We additional services including complete systems troubleshooting, network support, and consulting for other needs including HIPAA compliance.

To learn more about our specialty services for dentists, optometrists, orthodontists, periodontists, or other medical offices, or a specific practice management software package, please contact our office at 732-701-0900.