Is This You?

Some typical questions and situations we review and resolve daily at Coastal Technology Resources.

  1. “It’s not us, it’s you.” You’ve installed the newest upgrade for your billing software and the seamless transition promised by the software vendor is nowhere in sight. You or a member of your staff calls the software vendor for support, but you often find that their immediate response is “it’s something you did; you didn’t install it right, you didn’t connect something. But all we know is it’s not us – it’s you.” We’re here to defend you from that statement. We’ll ask the right questions and will communicate directly with the software vendor on your behalf to make sure the problem is resolved in the proper way.
  2. The printer does not print. The solution to this common frustration is not always straightforward. Countless offices waste hours, resources and supplies and deal with inaccuracies because of printer issues.
  3. Old Equipment. Many offices have computers, routers, or phone equipment sitting in an office closet. Our technology assessment at one client location revealed that they were still being billed for equipment that had been offline for years – our assessment saved them almost $1000 in extra annual charges once we returned the equipment.
  4. You “think” you need to buy new computers. Our first question is likely going to be “why?” Have you given thought to what software will be affected if you purchase new computers with new operating systems? We can help you plan and determine the solution that will be most cost effective and productive.


Q: What is your availability if we have an emergency in our office, either late at night or on a weekend?
A: We maintain flexible hours and provide support after hours and on weekends to ensure that our customers can maintain their business operations.


Q: Do you work at my location or do you work remotely?
A: Remote support can be a very effective tool when helping a client resolve an immediate need or issue. However, we recognize that some clients are not comfortable granting remote control of their computer to anyone. Therefore, we are available to work on premises at your location. However, we also provide remote support to customers with offices in locations nationwide. If necessary, we can often source a qualified local representative to act on our behalf at a client office or location.


Q: Can you help us determine what type of computers will work best for my company?
A: Our customized service begins with our technology assessment. Part of this process includes evaluating your current and existing technologies, including your computers, network and other office technology. Whether you are a start-up or have been in business for many years, we can work with you to determine what type of hardware, software, printers, scanners, or any other office equipment you might need for your specific business operation. This includes ensuring your staff can work efficiently and effectively on your systems, hardware and software.

Because of our extensive expertise and knowledge base, plus access to a variety of vendors, we can often help your office realize a substantial cost savings while purchasing new hardware or other equipment including computers, servers, printers and scanners.


Q: Our software vendor has informed us that our software package needs to be upgraded. Can you help us through this process?
A: We can work with you and your staff to ensure the upgrade goes smoothly, including through any transition period necessary so that staff can get up to speed on any changes in method, instructions or process. We can also act as a liaison between you and the software vendor if any unexpected issues arise during the process.


Q: We’ve found that selecting, installing and using new software applications can be frustrating and difficult. Can you work with us to make this process less of a headache?
A: First, you’re not alone. New software installation and integration can cause disruptions and slow down productivity in any business. We can minimize many of these difficulties in a several ways.

Many businesses rely on the software vendor to drive their decision to purchase a new system or software. But how can you be sure that the software vendor is looking out for your needs? The short answer is, you might not be able to.

We can work with you and your business throughout the entire process. Prior to purchasing new software or upgrading existing software, we can help you determine whether this change will be effective for your business. Because we’re not affiliated with any software company, we can provide an objective opinion on a software application. We act on your behalf as a liaison between you and the software vendor to evaluate the new software application, plus handle installation and training process. We also provide software training for your staff to minimize any downtime once new software has been installed.